Flying to your dream vacation with your kids?
Everything you need for a perfect "resort" vacation

Quite a few parents think that a resort / laid-back vacation are not suitable to do with children and prefer to travel alone. This is a big mistake. If you prepare in advance, pack the right things before you leave home, add a spice of some exciting plans combined with a few trips and some rest, this could be the dream vacation for all of you. Written from experience!

You have “bravely” decided to go on your perfect resort vacation with the kids. You have booked an indulging hotel, with huge pools, water parks, restaurants, huge playground, planned lots of lay-back time, heavenly blue water around, cocktails and coconut drinks in the middle of the day, took a leave from work, booked the flights, and decided to fade away from your daily routine for at least three weeks.


You may be familiar with the myth saying that after a long vacation (or any vacation) with kids you need to take a vacation to recover from the vacation? It does not have to be this way. What to do? Properly prepare. Whether it is Thailand, Maldives, or any pampering exotic destination, we have prepared for you in this article all the tips you need for vacation with the kids, what not to forget and what to MUST pack in your suitcase.


The Resort - Ask yourself what are you looking in this vacation? There are those who would prefer a vacation at a remote resort from which they won’t need to leave during the vacation. There are quite a few similar places. Check that there are activities for children within the resort: whether it is a water park, extreme water sports activities, or entertainment teams for the children. There are resorts which even have in-house facilitated playground for young children. There are those who would prefer the resort to be in a central location, one that has a beach on one hand but also a street with activities, a variety of restaurants, malls, bars, discos that will be fun for both you and the kids on the other.

For example, in the Maldives each resort is remote from the center and in order to get to the center, you need to take a speed boat. But if you are looking for a resort that accommodates all the facilities and activities within it, so that you will not have to leave the resort. An example of such a perfect resort in the Maldives is ClubMed Kani, it has everything you can imagine within and you can literally spend two weeks there without noticing. In the Far East and even in Europe there are lots of such resorts. Searching online for recommendations will bring you a very large variety of results.

An opposite example can be found in some islands in Thailand, for example in Kho Samui there is a very long and relatively busy street called Chaweng. All the resorts on that street have a private beach so, on the one hand you can get the quiet and relaxation you want, and on the other you can enjoy the busy street with a huge variety of restaurants, bars, discos both on the beach and indoor, live shows, smoothie shops, convenient stores and even malls. Once you leave the resort, lots of taxis will be waiting for you and will be happy to take you anywhere. This way you can easily combine vacation and activities for both you and the children.

You just have to decide first what is the perfect vacation for you!


Keeping the kids busy - although in every destination you can buy almost everything, but the way there starts on the plane and children, especially in a long-distance flight, will easily get bored and quite fast. You do not want to arrive to your dream destination with irritated screaming or in other words, unsatisfied children. Do not get caught unprepared!

What should you prepare in advance? Notebooks, coloring books, paints, markers, stickers, even one or two books. These games do not take up much space in a suitcase, or in a backpack and these can also be used during your noon nap with particularly vibrant children. Does your child have a doll or an object that he is particularly attached to? Add it to the list as well.

What else is recommended to pack? Tablet. Did you know that you can download movies and videos offline from YouTube? Prepare in advance your children’s favorite movies, series, these will buy you a lot of quiet time on the plane. [Do not forget headphones].

What should you give up? Noisy and heavy games.

How to pack?

Prepare a small suitcase for each child to take on the plane, a suitcase that will contain changing clothes and everything the child needs, mini packed. There is very special and smart designed suitcase, which I highly recommend for travelling for children up to the age of 6. Such suitcase with wheels that the child can sit and ride on at the airport (this suitcase is simply a fun game). It can open to serve as a leg-rest on the plane and even for lying as an extension to the plane seat for young children (inside the suitcase you could even find a mini mattress to place on top - brilliant) – it is constructed to young children’s height (with space inside to store all the objects the child needs, such as: toys, wipes and more. You can find this excellent suitcase in this link - "a perfect suitcase for a flight for children" (my Emily has a pink suitcase – what else).

First aid - even if it is possible to find and buy effective drugs at any destination, it is better to arrive prepared from home with the medication and first aid that the children and you know and use, that you know work best for your family and what their side effects are. Do not forget medication that you take regularly and require a doctor's prescription. I hope that you will not need to open this kit throughout the vacation and hope it stays sealed but it is always better to have a small bag, especially for that.


List of common and recommended first aid items

  • Thermometer

  • Antipyretic. For the little ones: candles or syrups. Do not forget paracetamol or norepinephrine for you, parents

  • For allergies - Fenistil gel, Fenistil drops

  • Ointment for burns, wounds, cuts Iodine

  • Band aids, bandages

  • nose drops

  • Ear drops (they, by the way, help right before takeoff, it is recommended to drip about 15 minutes before)

  • eye drops

  • A medicine for relieving sore throats

  • Anti-dryness lipstick

  • Anti-nausea pill - in case you decide on a fun cruise.

  • Diaper Cream - Even if your children are rewarded, the diaper cream helps in case of a rash on the tusk

  • Mosquito repellent - highly recommended "aroma mosquito-spray" by Weleda natural spray that worked great in Thailand, from experience!

  • Allergy medications

  • Alcohol gel

  • Wipes

  • Sunscreen! It is best to arrive ready from home


Tip 💡 - Regular medication make sure to pack several in a few different suitcases, just in case one doesn’t arrive (god forbid 😨) or another has been damaged for some reason.

Swimsuit - The swimsuit, especially in this type of vacation, which is entirely dedicated to sunbathing and hanging by the pool or the beach, has two main functions: to protect you and your children from the damages caused by the sun and to look smashing in the view… That is why we need to choose a swimsuit with a quality that will provide the maximum protection from the sun, that will be comfortable, practical, and not less important, with lots of chic and style.

BoogaSwim is that type of swimwear that is important to have in your suitcase. It was created right here, on a family vacation in Thailand, with a tiny 7-month-old baby and a mother who was intensively looking for the perfect swimsuit for her precious baby Emily and could not not find one. When she came back home, she decided to design her own line.


What is so special about Booga? Our swimsuit provides complete protection from the sun, with Snaps for a quick nappy change for babies, everywhere, it has a stunning style and the fun part? You can find mother-father-family sets and for children of all ages (from the age of 3 months). The family collection is a unique collection, which gives a perfect, fun, chic look for vacations at the resort.


The women's swimwear collection fits the woman's body in all sizes (up to size 48) and they also carve and hold beautifully big breasts.  Booga's swimwear is designed for mothers of children, one that you can run with after your child, bend over without “flashing” any private part unintentionally. simply comfortable. Our swimwear is also perfect for teen girls, young girls and babies, thinking about all the fine little details: high quality and cozy fabrics, Snaps placed on swimwear for babies (up to the age of 3), comfortable and beautiful. No less important and makes it mega cool and fun - there are family sets that suit everyone: mother - father - daughter and son.


And here are some more tips before we take off to our dream vacation

  • parations and packaging until the last minute.Try not to wait with the pre

  • Do not forget to check that your passports are valid (for at least 3-6 months ahead) and if visa is required, it has been properly obtained in advance (some may take over a month to obtain).

  • Do not forget to purchase the suitable (medical and/or belongings) insurance.

  • passports and important documents. Make photocopies of your

Prepare a list with the: 

  1. name of the resort you are about to stay in 

  2. phone number

  3. reservation number

  4. other essential phone numbers of where you are about to visit or made reservations in


Send a copy of that list to your loved ones back at home, just in case you will need them and won’t have them accessible.


  • Safety seat - especially if you are travelling with young children up to the age of 5. There are quite a few taxi stations in every country where you can book a ride to the airport and coordinate with the driver to arrive with a booster / safety seat suitable for the child's age. But, it is important that you make sure in advance if at the destination the local law allows a driver to have a child in the car without a safety seat while driving.
    We flew with Emily to Thailand when she was 7 months old and in a simple Google search, we found some phone numbers of a variety of drivers who were happy to help and wait for us at the in international Bangkok airport and also in Phuket (an Island) with a safety seat for our Emily. Eventually we ended up enjoying the services of that driver and car, booked in advance, also while travelling around during the vacation.
    This way not only that you will travel safely and securely, but you will also avoid having to carry extra luggage from home. The second time, when Emily was almost 3, we flew again with her to Thailand and this time we did not pre-book a driver with a safety seat. Emily used to sit on my lap and we were both bucked with a seat belt. The decision is age and local law dependent, and of course ultimately you know what is best for your child.


  • Evening hours and babysitting - All over the world, and in every resort, there are babysitting services. You will be surprised, if you search online, you will even find Israelis who recommend Israelis who live abroad and can provide babysitting services to vacationers abroad.
    In general, you know - you do not have to leave the children behind in the room when you go out during evening hours. Throughout our vacation, we tried to stay tuned to our Israel time, which means, for example, in Thailand there is a 4 hour difference. If we are used to getting up in Israel between 6: 30-7: 00 in the morning, we would start the day in Thailand at 9: 30-10: 00 and most of the time we would be on time for breakfast and when not, it is not a disaster, you simply buy coffee and some pastries from the restaurant at the hotel, or even better, go out to the next 7/11 to buy. (By the way, 7/11 is awesome! there's literary everything you can think of and cheap, yes, coffee too).
    In the late afternoon we would usually take a break from the sun and the sea or the pool, a sweet afternoon nap for an hour. Then, after dinner we would go for a foot massage with Emily and a pack of a million stickers and a tablet and sometimes, we even paid for a masseuse to play with Emily during our treatment. Everything you need for peace of mind.

    After the massage we would go for a walk nearby the hotel, checkout some places such as Ladyboys live shows (it's hilarious! Exciting! And you would want to come back again) or a dance bar on the beach. We will end the day at least at midnight. Yes, with a girl who is not yet 3. After all in Israel it is still only 20:00. You will see how your whole day starts late and takes a very different turn from being locked up in a room with the kids (even the youngest) in the evenings after dinner. We have pictures of Emily dancing with people from all over the world. This is really an unforgettable experience. Eventually, these are memories that create the perfect vacations. Keep light in baggage and spirit, be more flexible even than your usual you and flow. Rest and you will see how you enjoy.


  • Another warm recommendation - When we are on vacation during the Jewish holidays’ times, we like to book a meal at the Chabad House, not necessarily for the food, but for the special holiday festive spirit and the spine-tingling encounter with the Judaism, certainly when you are so far from home. There are Chabad houses or similar ones in almost every spot in the world. Always before traveling I look for a Jewish community / Chabad House, it upgrades the holiday and leaves you with magical memories for many years.


And most importantly, ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY. You and your loved ones deserve a pampering vacation.