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So how do you buy a swimsuit online and stay alive?



The most important part, is the measurement of the body.
Especially in one piece swimsuits, where the height and measurements factor is significant.


what should you do? Its very simple!.

Take a meter, the kind that every home has, or a tape measure for the advanced.
Prepare a pen and a paper and write.


Which scopes are important to measure?


- Chest circumference - it is important to measure the chest circumference together with the bra.
This is how you can measure the circumference of the chest when it is upright.


- Waist - If you are not sure what the Waist is, stand in front of the mirror,
the narrowest place in your body, this is the waist. Now you can measure it.


-Buttocks- measure the circumference of the Buttocks in the most prominent place.
Please note, it is important to measure the bust and not the hips
(this is a common mistake and therefore important to emphasize).


- Height- Most women know their approximate height.
If in doubt, feel free to measure yourself with a meter and if not,
this is a less essential parameter when buying a bikini.
But when buying a complete swimsuit, the height is essential.



YAY! Now you can start. After you have measured yourself and know your body and measurements well,
go to look for your size in the size chart.


If you are not sure, do not hesitate to consult me,
you are welcome to send me the measurements to the WhatsApp icon
and you will receive a personal recommendation from me which size suits you.