Booga’s story starts on a family vacation to Thailand…

My precious Emily was only 7 months when we booked this trip.

(I defiantly recommend taking them along at this age, they still listen to you…).

Going away with Emily meant I would have to find the perfect swimsuit for my princess.


It had to be close to 100% sun proof, it had to have bottom snaps for easy diaper changing, and last but not least it had to be super stylish. So, knowing all that, I set out to find what I was looking for. 20 websites and 30 stores later I still haven’t found it.


I had no choice but to do what every (crazy) mother would do… I designed the perfect swimsuit myself. My Emily loved it. Only problem was, soon I wanted one for myself.

Inspired by the mommy & me trend, I designed a beautiful and chic collection that is perfect for woman of all sizes and their daughters, from infant to teenager.

My brand was first and foremost established to provide a positive body swimwear experience for moms who runs on the beach after their beloved bandits. To provide the most efficient sun block protection to our baby girls delicate young skin. We are all perfectly aware of the potential damage caused by the exposure to the lethal solar radiation and the need to well protect ourselves and our babies from it, when spending time at the beach or around the pool with our little loved ones.


While building Booga I’ve focused on every single detail – starting with high quality fabrics, soft and gentle to the touch, with the highest possible protection from the sun (98% protection, +UPF 50).


Adding the Snaps bottom made especially to make the diaper changing, dressing and undressing of our babies' swimwear a casual task and a winner feature. (Snaps are available for sizes 1,2 and 3 only)

BTW, My nick name was Booga since I remember myself. Booga was always a brand, you can ask my friends :)

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