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Want to try at home?

First you are welcome to come to me for a measurement at my studio where you can get an hour that is only yours. You can measure every design and at no cost. (Although there is no way you leave the studio without a swimsuit. :)

The studio in Herzliya border Ramat Hasharon. You are welcome to coordinate with me on the WhatsApp icon.

Want to measure at home, in front of your mirror? Excellent!

You can order swimwear in several designs and sizes.

what should you do?


1. You order and pay the most expensive design among the designs you are debating about.

2. Choose "Try at home" service at the shipping selections. (*service fee is 30 nis). 

3. write inside the order a Note: "Interested in home measurement services of additional models"

4. I will contact you by phone and take a list of additional designs and sizes that you would like to try.

5. You leave credit details with me for security only (no charge) and the items are on their way to you.


Returning items from a measurement service:

1. As soon as you have finished measuring, you update me and I send a courier to your house to collect everything you don't want.

2. For the items you want to keep, you complete an order on the website including payment for them

Pay attention:

If you'll decide to keep at least one new collection swimsuit this service will cost you only 30 nis

dont forget to choose this service on shipments selection

*If you are not interested in any item, after returning the items, you will receive your money back for the item you paid for on the website, with a deduction of NIS 60 for this service.


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